MP-501 全自動分割機(第四代) Automatic Cutter

機器規格 :
•電力 : 1/2HP
•分割大小 : 20g~80g
•分割速度 : 40~80個/分
•長寬高 : 80 X 50 X 85cm
•重量 : 80kg

機器特色 :

Specification of a manufactured item :
•Electricity : single-phase 1/2HP
•Divided size : 20g~80g
•Divided speed : 40~80pcs/each min
•Dimension :80X 50X 85cm
•Weight : 80kg

Characteristic :
•Idoneous to divide in bean paste and resemble divided.
•The latest style by fourth, surface are stainless to used, standard to accord with sanitation.
•Simple to operation, legacy manpower to substitute with divided and weigh, save times, efficiency and outrun to reise.
•Easy to dismantle, unnecessary to aid tools, ten seconds to break to wash only.
•Clothing wheel in machine, so easy to move.
•Institution electric power switch for make sure security.
•This machine is especially designed for dividing the bean-jam paste, and/or the similar materials evenly divided continually.
•The machine is easy to operate, user-friendly, efficient, while putting hands into the funnel above the hub is highly restricted. To disassemble the screwing chamber parts is handy and need no tools. This automatic cutter is installed with the wheels for moving conveniently. It contains the protecting devices for avoiding the careless/wrong approach to the cutting parts.

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