MP-101 螺旋攪拌機 Spiral Mixer

機器規格 :
•電力 : 單相1HP 220V
•長寬高 : 36 X 68 X 77 cm
•重量 : 50/65 kg
•攪拌缸容量 : 15 L
•攪拌麵粉 : 1~3kg(視含水量而定)

機器特色 :

Specification of a manufactured item :
•Electricity : single-phase 1HP 220V
•Dimension : 36 X 68 X 77 cm
•Weight : 50/65 kg
•Mixing bowl capacity :15 L
•Mixing weight of flour : 1-3 kg (Water contained percentage)

Characteristic :
•Designed meticulously for space saving, small quantity of variable bakeries.
•Safety designed for cutting off electricity automatically in case the safety guard net was lifted up.
•Spiral hook and bowl are made from stainless steel materials.
•Spiral mixing hook makes the kneading time shorter.
•Anti-dust seal designed for preventing the damage of the bearings.
•The rim of the stainless steel bowl is flat type and easy for cleaning.
•2 speeds for selection.
•2 idle wheels designed for more stability of the turning bowl and bearings.
•Timer for setting kneading time.

Product specification :
•Single phase 220V/60HZ : MP101
•Gross weight/65kg
•Packing size/50*75*100cm

Capacity :
•15 liters, flour 1-3 kg.

Safety :
•Equipped with stainless steel protection device preventing danger. Power electricity will be cut off while the protection net is opened.
•Equipped with auto power cutoff system, that could prevent machine from faulty due to overload.

Mixing hook :
•The hook is made of stainless steel material. It is heat-treated and endurable.
•With unique spiral shape design, it could shorten mixing time 1/3 and the dough is mixed efficiently. It is also available for mixing less to 1 kg flour.
•There is anti-dust cover and oil-seal installed in the mixing hook that could prolong the life time of the shaft bearings.

Mixing bowl :
The mixing bowl is made of stainless steel material. The rim of the bowl is designed in flat type that is easy to clean. Both sides of the mixing bowl are installed with idle wheels for supporting the mixing bowl, it could also prolong shaft bearing life.

Operation mode :
There are high speed and low speed shift with timer for automatic stopping.

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